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Queen Bee's for week ending Friday 11th December

* In Beetle is Melina! For being kind and respectful and offering to stay inside at lunchtime to assist a child with a broken arm. * In Fieldmouse is Evie and Joseph for being helpful and responsible by tidying up the classroom when there was a lot of papers on the floor. Also to Darcy and Sophia for being reflective about the Christmas story and remembering most of the main events. * In Otter class...this week it's Paighton for being kind and respectful and asking the adult if they were having a good day at the start of her Thrive Session. Also Isaac for being kind to another pupil who was sharing her art work by saying "Oh wow, that's perfect!" * In Rabbit class... this week it's Cristiano for offering to help someone when they had dropped their tray and Evie for being kind and helpful by offering to collect the scrap paper for the recycling bin from around the classroom. * In Pine Marten class ... for this week it's Catherine and Sophia for helping another child with their Christmas bauble. Tristan has been very helpful by cleaning and returning the Chromebooks to their trolley. Also Kiera for volunteering to tidy up the classroom after lunchtime. Leonardo for being kind asking Mrs McIntosh how she was at playtime. * In Fox class ... Summer for being kind supporting a friend who was upset. Codie for being kind, helpful and responsible and offering a sensible solution to a friend's dilemma. Amelia and Charlie who were both independently taking a responsible course of action this week and should be proud of their maturity. Archie and Bobby were thoughtfully being reflective in RHSE when discussing prior relationships and what they had learnt from them. Harley for being helpful by offering to reset the YOYOB chart and stamp diaries daily. Shay and Rocco for always being reliable and efficiently tiding up after lunch. No prompting of expectations needed. Well done from Mrs Watson. Kaci for stepping in and supporting a peer who was struggling with their work without being asked. And lastly to Stuart for being resilient with a recent change to his daily routine. * In Swan class ... Zak for being helpful and responsible assisting Mrs Watson to display the Christmas window scene. Amelia, Lola B, Hugo, Eleanor, Lola L, Freddie, Callie, Paige, Molly and Ollie for being kind and respectful by wishing Mr Norfolk a good evening on their way home. * In Red Deer class ... Archie G for being determined with his English, Sajana for being kind to friends who were struggling, Amy for supporting her partner with her learning, Willow despite not being feeling 100% she has been determined to catch up. Dulcie and Grace for being determined to reach their own personal fast maths targets. Alfie for trying extremely hard with his learning. Noah for helping a friend who felt down. Sapphire for being resilient with her Maths and being a collaborative partner.

* In Seal class ... Sam T for being kind to an anxious pupil who was new to using the bus to travel by making friendly conversation during the journey and whilst waiting for the gate to open in the mornings. This is very much appreciated by Mrs Pearce.

Thankyou to all of the above pupils who have shown these brilliant Queen Bee qualities in their daily life!

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