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Curriculum - What They Learn

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Martham nursery uses a mix of child led learning & a topic based curriculum to ensure children develop to the best of their ability. We provide exciting activities that promote the 7 areas of learning within the prime & specific areas of development.

Our Routine & Rules


We follow these simple rules each day to keep us happy and safe during play.

Kind Hands

Walking Feet

Tidy up

Be kind

Sharing is Caring

Personal, Social & Emotional Development.

Feelings and emotions as well as being a good friend are of utmost importance within the nursery. We have a dedicated space for children to express themselves & learn about how they may be feeling. We spend a great deal of time teaching children to turn take by playing games and using sand timers so they can visually learn how to wait for their turn.


Communication & Language

Our environment is language rich offering communication friendly spaces for the children to explore together. We enhance areas regularly to give children opportunities to express themselves through their interests, such as our Harry Potter role play area.

We have a speech and language intervention programme to help any children struggling with their communication skills.


Physical Development

We are a freeflow nursery with some children spending much of their day outside, this encourages them to use their body fully, which helps their gross motor skills, coordination and general risk management.

Fine & gross motor skills are promoted in all activities throughout the nursery, we have a large playdough area for children to explore and a writing area where children can mark make before moving onto learning how to write letters.



We share books everyday with the children, the children are provided with story sacks, puppets and a variety of interesting and classic books.

We also have phase 1 phonics built into our daily routine with a dedicated area for children to access resources to enhance their learning



We have a specific area where children can explore Maths. However Maths is also available in all areas of the nursery.


Understanding the World

Our topic based curriculum has a strong focus on the world we live in. We continuously teach children about the wonders of the world, we expand fully on their individual interests and teach them all they need to know about the things they are interested in.

We want to instil a love in children and to keep them excited, knowledgeable and have a natural instinct to find out more about the world around them and everything in it.


Expressive Arts & Design

We allow the children to independently access all areas of the nursery, this includes the art area. They are free to use the arts and crafts area to create anything they choose.

Children have happily created images of themselves by looking into a mirror and painting what they see.
We also provide a loose parts area where children create enclosures, animal worlds or wherever their imagination takes them on a particular day

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