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Queen Bee's for week commencing Monday 9th November

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

This weeks Queen Bee's awards go to the following children:

In Beetle's Ebony for being an extremely kind and considerate friend at all times.

In Fieldmouse class... it's Darcy for being respectful and helpful in PE especially with a partner who found things a bit tricky.

In Rabbit is Albie, Connor, Albert and Samuel for being kind helping out a fellow classmate at breaktime .

In Badger class... this week it is Austin who was very kind and thoughtful towards a fellow pupil.

In Pine is Riley James was being kind asking Mr Swift if he had had a nice day, Toby was thoughtful asking Mr Swift if he was ok when he fell off his chair and Joel for being responsible by setting up the Smooga cones at breaktime.

In Fox class...this week it's Kaci who has been kind to Mrs Pearce wishing her a nice lunchtime and evening after school, Junior for being responsible and making good breaktime choices on the playground, Charlie for being responsible and keeping calm in a tricky situation, William for being kind and making Mrs Pearce a bookmark in his own time at home, Codie, Erin M, Laila, Ceylin, Bailey, Archie, Daisy and Amelia for being respectful and always listening and ready to learn and setting a good example to others.

In Red's Maddy for being kind and helpful, Grace for being ambitious, Harvey for not giving up, Amy for helping out an adult when they were very busy and lastly Edith for being imaginative.

Thanks to all of these pupils for showing Queen Bee attitudes in their day to day school life!

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