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Queen Bee nominations for week ending Friday 20th November

This Queen Bee awards go to the following children this week:

* In Ladybird's Summer for being very resilient with her learning this week.

* In Vole class... it's Monty for showing kindness to a friend by returning his misplaced water bottle to him without being asked.

* In Badger is Harrison for being respectful and waiting his turn to use a piece of equipment and to Lili-Starr for being kind and helpful to Mrs Mollineux collecting work up which had blown off of her desk. And also to Harry and Kevin for being polite and respectful towards adults and using their manners in class and generally around school.

* In Pine Marten class... this week it is Joel for being helpful by asking Mr Swift if he needed any help with classroom tasks and to Sophia for being kind in asking Mr Swift if he had had a good day. Also to Toby and Rose by being polite when talking to Mrs Mollineux and asking her how she was.

* In Swan is Zac for being reflective and trying to have a more positive approach generally towards his learning. Charlie has been resilient with his work on reading the time.

* In Red Deer class...this week it's Edith who had been determined with her learning this week, Harvey for being very curious in Music, Hannah for always being ready to learn and to Mason for being resilient with his writing. Lastly it's Aiden for always asking Mrs Higgins how she is when she speaks to him.

We thanks all of these pupils for showing on a daily basis their Queen Bee attitudes to school life!

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