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Bee's Knees for week ending 4th December

This week's winners for our Bee's knees awards are as follows:

* Beetle class... For being determined to complete his focussed and child initiated number's Toby!

* Ladybird class... For being ambitious and trying hard with all his tasks this's Aiden!

* Vole class... For being determined in her work and for showing good collaboration work with a partner..... it's Ava!

* Fieldmouse class... For being very determined in all her learning this's Darcy!

* Hedgehog class... For being ambitious in English and using noun phrases in her sentences's Shrina!

* Squirrel class... For writing some ambitious sentences when writing her character description of Little Red Riding Hood's Jessica!

* Rabbit class... For being determined and ambitious in all class activities but especially with his's Jackson!

* Otter class... For being determined to learn her times's Kaylei!

* Badger class... For being determined with all of his learning this week and for working collaboratively with a's Max!

* Pine Marten class... For being determined in every aspect of her learning this week's Letitia!

* Fox class... For an incredibly determined approach to his homework and clocking up a staggering 10 hours of additional learning on Mathletics this term's Freddie!

* Swan class... You have been nominated this week for being an amazing learner all the's Callie!

* Red Deer class... For being determined in his assessments and for making great's Mason!

* Seal class... For creating some really imaginative Christmas tree's Lola!

Well done and congratulations to you all!

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