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We are a large but friendly learning community where all recognise that its philosophy centres on everyone learning, co-operating, playing and developing together.

We aim to produce successful learning, confident individuals and responsible citizens who can work together and care for one another! Our curriculum is an entire planned learning experience focussing on functional, personal, learning and thinking skills, with the development of knowledge and personal attitudes such as resilience, determination, and adaptability. Learning approaches and routines support this ethos within a culture of personal and collaborative learning,  responsibility and leadership.

At Martham we have a history of sporting excellence and musical achievement which we value as an important part of our pupils’ education.  All children are encouraged to participate as fully as they can in activities both for fun or competitively.

Our school is outward-looking and optimistic. Relationships between staff and pupils are open and positive.  We celebrate success and encourage all to try their best and learn from all experiences be it positive or negative.   We have a strong focus on the mental wellbeing of both pupils and staff, embracing the ‘Thrive Approach’ and all staff are trained to support pupils through the many challenges they face in modern Britain.

We encourage visitors to come and see the exciting learning that happens in our school.

Mrs Sarah Mules

Executive Headteacher

Mrs S Mules - Martham Headteacher

Our Key Staff:

Executive Headteacher - Mrs Sarah Mules

Deputy Headteacher - Ms Deborah Gillespie

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Katy Savage

SENCO - Mrs Jo Carlile

Chair of School Governance Team - Mr Peter Young

School Administrator - Mrs Debbie Hewitt

Receptionist - Mrs Sheena Siely


All the above people can be contacted through the school by using the contact information

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