Green Team

The Green Team consists of 20 pupils from Years 2 to 6, each of whom have been voted into the position by their class. Each classroom has a recycling box in addition to a normal waste bin, it is the responsibility of the Green Team to ensure children are putting the correct waste into the correct bin. At the end of each school day, members of the team take turns to collect all the boxes, ready to be emptied.


Throughout the year, various events and learning opportunities arise in which the Green Team take a central role. In 2016, the school took part in the WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) event run by Norfolk County Council: a recycling scheme for which we were awarded £200.


Our Green Team latest initiative The Big Battery Hunt is in partnership with Duracell and is a nationwide competition to encourage recycling and interest in renewable energy. Your child will be bringing home a box in which to collect old batteries in. The batteries can be any brand and sizes AA, AAA, C or D but no rechargeable ones please. We will be asking for them to returned to school on 15th May and are looking to reach (or exceed) 1000 batteries. Should you need a second box please ask and will will do our best to supply one. 

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