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Queen Bee awards for week ending Friday 27th November

This Queen Bee awards go to the following children this week:

* In Badger is everyone! When the class came in from play time they all walked in sensibly and each one thanked Mrs Higgins for holding the door open for them.

* In Fox class... this week Antony has been kind and considerate to members of staff by making them mask holders for their lanyards. Also to Codie and Erin M for being responsible and helpful when relaying messages to other members of KS2 adults. Amelia and Cowshiya for being helpful and willingly often volunteering to complete classroom jobs for Mrs Pearce whilst waiting for later finishing siblings after school. Kaci and Erin H for being resilient and responsible and positively engaging with adult support when resolving a dispute. They were taking responsibility and were eager to restore their relationship. Fox class generally for being resilient and helpful and creating no fuss during a spontaneous room change and calmly following instructions and re-engaging in learning in their new venue. This is very much appreciated...thank you Fox class! Mrs Pearce.

* In Swan is Ollie for always being respectful and friendly and asking Mr Norfolk about his day and wishing him a good evening every night!

* In Red Deer class...this week it's Jacob for helping out a friend, Aiden for reflecting on his choices, Sapphire for being collaborative and thoughtful, Sophie for helping a friend to remember to attend Choral Society and Willow for being determined even when she has struggled with her work. Also to Maddy and Macey for preparing pencils for the whole class.

We thanks all of these pupils for showing on a daily basis their Queen Bee attitudes to school life!

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