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Bees Knees awards for week ending Friday 27th November

Here are our weekly winners of our Bees Knees awards....

* Beetle class...For being determined in phonics and his independent's Gabriel!

* Ladybird class...For being very ambitious and determined with her written pieces of work this's Iris!

* Vole class...For being independent and working really hard..... it's Lily!

* Fieldmouse class...For being curious with her learning about Lord Nelson being determined to improve her's Laila!

* Hedgehog class...For always working with determination in Maths and English's Lydia!

* Squirrel class...For being ambitious in her Maths especially with her work on's Blossom!

* Rabbit class... For showing great determination in Maths with her halving and doubling and with learning her times's Lyla!

* Otter class...For being independent in her work and setting a great example for the's Tilly!

* Badger class... For being ambitious and determined in all her learning and for being a wonderful role model to her peers. She has created some beautiful and imaginative pieces in art and she should be very's Matilda!

* Pine Marten class...'s Molly!

* Fox class... For reliably displaying all of the bees and maintaining an exemplary attitude to her learning, no matter what the subject. Be very proud!'s Codie!

* Swan class...For completing so much home learning independently and beautifully so she could slot right back into school learning this's Aimee!

* Red Deer class...For being curious and sharing a multitude of facts about his WW1's Dylan!

* Seal class...For being curious in Science and asking interesting's Dale!

Well done to each and every one of you!

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