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Bees Knees awards for week ending Friday 20th November

Here are this week's winners of our Bees Knees awards....

* Ladybird class...For being resilient this week and for the progress she has made in phonics and with her's Summer!

* Beetle class...For being determined and ambitious with all his learning this's Louis!

* Fieldmouse class...For being curious in Topic and determined in's Myles!

* Vole class...For being determined in all of his work this week, bee proud..... it's Stanley!

* Squirrel class...For being ambitious and determined with his writing about Lord's Alex!

* Hedgehog class...For always trying hard in his learning and being a kind friend to's Louie! * Otter class...For being determined and resilient in his learning and for setting an amazing example to the's Connor! * Rabbit class... For being determined and becoming more independent in her's Grace! * Badger class... For being determined and ambitious with her work and for her beautiful imagery in poetry this's Elise! * Pine Marten class... For being determined with your imagery poetry writing this's Harrison! * Fox class... For being independent and determined with her inference work on the Highwayman poem. She should be proud of her positive attitude to her learning in's Summer! * Swan class...For being determined and ambitious in all his work this week especially with telling the's Jenson! * Red Deer class...For being curious in exploring layering techniques when using's Grace! * Seal class...For being imaginative using watercolours in art this's Harrison! Well done to each and every one of you!

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