Bees Knees

The Bee's Knees winners for the week beginning 05/10/20 are as follows:

Beetle...Melina for being imaginative

Ladybird... Tattam for being determined and confident

Vole... Archie for being determined

Field Mouse... Harry for being determined

Hedgehog... Freddi for being determined

Squirrel... Jamie for being ambitious

Rabbit... Kailen for being determined and independent

Otter... Aeryn for being enthusiastic and proud

Badger... Oliver for being determined and ambitious

Pine Marten... Tom for being determined

Fox... Archie for being ambitious and imaginative

Swan... Callie for being ambitious, curious and determined

Red Deer... Archie for being responsible

Seal... Deshaal for being determined

Well done and congratulations to each of you.

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