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Sports Relief 2020

Today is national Sports Relief day and here at Martham we thank our parents and carers for sending your children into school wearing all their fabulous sports items. It's great to see such a variety of sports represented.

During the day the children will be taking part in a sports activity within their classes out on the Smooga. Ask your youngsters which circuits they joined in with and how well they did during each activity. The children have even been learning the official Sports Relief song for this year which as a whole school they sang in this mornings assembly.

Your £1 donations will be forwarded to Sports Relief who use the money to support many organisations both in the UK and abroad. This money helps to support families with many issues including mental health, child poverty and domestic abuse. Since 2018 Sports Relief has invested £82 million helping 13 million people worldwide. Please visit the Sports Relief website on to see further how your money goes towards helping others.

We will shortly provide a further update on how much money we as a school have raised towards this very worthwhile charity.

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