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PTA Non-uniform day in aid of "Elfridges."

Martham Academy and Nursery PTA

Non-School Uniform Day - Friday 23rd November 2018 for “Elfridges” Gift Store

Friday 23rd November is a non-school uniform day in exchange for adult male and female gifts. We are looking for unused & in date gifts that perhaps you were given and haven’t used or some gifts you have purchased in the past that you are unsure who to give to. We do not need children’s gifts as this is purely for children to buy something for their grown up loved ones in our “Elfridges” department store at the Christmas Fayre on Saturday 1st December.

We request that children bring in their presents on Friday 23rd November so please have a look around and ask friends and family if they have anything to donate too! The more we receive the more choice the children will have at the Christmas Fayre to buy you something special!

The PTA thank you for your donations in advance!

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