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Year 3 Roman Topic

Year 3 have been fortunate in the past couple of days to have had some brilliant experiences to embed their Roman topic work. Last Thursday (8th March) we welcomed back Mr Simmonds who had visited us during our Stone Age topic. Mr Simmonds is a real-life archaeologist! He brought with him many artefacts, which he himself has dug up in Norfolk. He explained to us what his finds were and the children were allowed to handle objects which are directly from the Roman period of history! How exciting.

Yesterday, (Monday 12th March) we visited the Time and Tide museum in Gt. Yarmouth to take part in their Roman experience day. We had a lovely time following 4 activities throughout the day where we got to meet Titus, the Roman Soldier, who gave us some soldier training, a Druid lady, Cathar, who showed us how to make magic potions and told us how important and well respected Druids were at the time, a rich Roman lady called Livia who talked to us about how her slaves would run the Villa on a day-to-day basis, teach the children and dress the ladies and an Iceni tribes woman who taught us all about how important Torc's and face-painting were to them during battle and how they would make swords and war horns! we had an amazing day.

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